** Update on vehicle delivery times and pricing **

Due to the current global shortage of semi-conductors impacting all industries we are currently experiencing delays in the production of cars. We will always work on your behalf to get the shortest delivery times as possible for you and will be honest in the delivery times we offer. If you need a car quickly, please call us and we will look to see what we can source within your time frame and offer this option to you.

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If you are looking to lease a van for your business such as a Citroen, Ford, Vauxhall etc at a great price, you have come to the right place!

Unlike many other leasing brokers, our estimates are not auto-generated. Auto-generated quotes can be inaccurate and conceal hidden costs. Each and every quote we produce has been collated by a human being and is based on your business requirements and circumstances, ensuring you get the right van at the right price.

  • UK main dealer/ manufacturer supplied
  • Free UK mainland delivery
  • Tailored quotes
  • Personal service
  • Great prices
  • New vehicles
  • 1,000's of vans in stock for quick delivery

Van Choices allowed us to choose between different purchasing options for our vans that would best suit our business needs including leasing, hire purchase and outright cash purchase. We received great advice making our purchase a confident and simple one."

Mr M Dunford

Our outstanding, flexible service is completely tailored around you and your business.

  • Business leasing and contract hire customers are very welcome
  • Pick a financial package to suit your needs; Van Leasing, Business Contract Hire or outright purchase
  • Optional maintenance available, including tyres and repairs allowing you to 'fix' your business motoring costs
  • You can choose variable contract and mileage terms
  • Flexible van leasing options and payment plans
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